Olena Tykhonovska

- Saint John

Garment production specialist, Bridal and prom tailor

Anne Stillwell-LeBlanc

- Keswick Ridge New Brunswick

Absolute lover of nature; inspired by movement; deeply rooted in art.

Sadie Gagner

- Mascarene, NB (Charlotte County, southwest NB)

Totes For Life. Simple, functional and durable canvas bags.

Emily McCumber

Emily is a fibre artist in Saint John, NB. She specializes in weaving, spinning and dyeing.

Rosanna Armstrong

- Apohaqui, N.B.

‭ ‬Serenity rules supreme while immersed in creating.‭ ‬I am open to painting any‭ ‬subject matter but it first must have touched my soul .

Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery

Organization - Florenceville-Bristol

Karen LeBlanc

Professional - Fredericton

A fibre artist who dyes yarn to create tapestries, scarves, shawls, jackets and more!

Denise Violette Michaud

Professional - DSL de Drummond