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Les Fireflies Album Release Party 💿

Les Fireflies is a trio composed of three accomplished musicians: Louise Vautour,
Samantha Robichaud, and Christine Melanson. The album release party for Day by Day
will be held at Moncton’s Old Triangle on Wednesday, June 29, at 7:30pm.

Les Fireflies, Day by Day

Acadian Trio Les Fireflies Launches Two Singles from their Second Album
Less than a month before their album launch, the Celtic Acadian group Les Fireflies release two singles. The bilingual band’s second album contains instrumental tunes and songs in both French and English. Up on the Old Mountain Road and Nos noces noires are the two first singles from their upcoming
release, Day by Day.

The Singles

Up on the Old Mountain Road is the English language single launched in radio stations
across Canada. Composed by Louise Vautour, Samantha Robichaud, and Christine
Melanson, the song is an answer to the abundance of masculine songs from the
traditional repertoire. The track tells the tale of an overworked woman and her three
daughters who only needs a moment to herself and a nip of gin.

Nos noces noires is the French language single launched in radio stations across the
country. Inspired by Acadian stories and legends, songwriters Louise Vautour and
Christine Melanson decided to write their own version of a dance at a time where they
were full of mystery and magic, but most of all, forbidden.

The album, Day by Day

Since the release of their first album, Les Fireflies, the band has seen a growing interest
for their musicianship, their compositions, their spirited performances, and the fusion of
traditional styles (Old Time, Irish Celtic, Cape Breton, and Acadian).
Day by Day was recorded at La Classe studio in Memramcook and is an evolution of
the Fireflies’ style, and a token of the maturity developed through the band’s