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EPK: The Basics

A Savvy Session on the basics of EPK offered by Music NB, Wednesday, May 25, 2022: 12:00pm Registration is here. Via Zoom.

EPK: The Basics Savvy Sessions with Kimberly Sinclair of Spincount

WHAT is an EPK (electronic press kit) and WHY do we need it as musicians?! What does a quality EPK look like? Kimberly Sinclair from Spincount will give you an overview of the EPK best practices & answer all those questions you may have on the subject!

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Kimberly Sinclair is an award winning music industry professional based in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and Louisville, Kentucky, specializing in marketing and promotions. Since founding Spincount in 2008, her firm has been awarded Company OTY 6 times and Kimberly twice awarded Industry Professional OTY. Kimberly handles marketing and communications for organizations such as Philadelphia Folk Festival (PA), Home Routes (MB), the Canadian Folk Music Awards (ON), NERFA (CT) and more.

Kimberly's musical clients are routinely nominated for GRAMMYs and JUNOs and receive multiple nominations yearly from Regional and Provincial MIAs. Kimberly currently serves on the boards of NERFA and Philadelphia Folksong Society, and has served on the boards of MNS and the ECMA. Kimberly loves to present showcases, eat White Castle and garden.