Mar. 17, 2020


ArtsLink NB fully supports the Association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick’s (AAAPNB) call for the provincial government to establish an emergency assistance fund for artists and cultural workers, to offset the loss of income from cancelled shows and other events.

Limiting the spread of COVID-19 is important, but we must also think of the repercussions that the measures taken have on the cultural workforce. Not only will small businesses and atypical workers in all fields feel the effect of this situation, but artists, arts organizations, and creative practices are being adversely impacted as well.

With events, gatherings, and activities being cancelled in response to preventing the spread of COVID-19, it is important to think about people in the creative workforce who largely make their income from gigs and freelance work. They will be losing critical opportunities to support themselves. We know that their incomes are already precarious and that artists do not have access to the same social protections as traditional workers.

We have seen many jurisdictions across the world put measures in place to address the financial losses felt by artists, and we ask the New Brunswick government to work with the arts associations to develop an emergency fund to help artists through this situation.

Julie Whitenect

Executive Director, ArtsLink NB