This issue is dedicated to BODIES: the physicality of the creative process, as well as concepts of access, agency, and belonging that are linked to our physical selves.
Our bodies are sensory receptors to the rest of the world. As artists – whether performers, musicians, or makers – we use our bodies to carry out our creative work, sometimes with large labouring actions and other times with small delicate movements. Often our bodies know (or remember) exactly what to do, even when words may fail. How does your body impact your creative process? What does your body remember?
Navigating the world can be an entirely different experience based on the body you inhabit. Throughout history, certain bodies have been marginalized, oppressed, and overlooked due to their appearance or the ideas they represent. Others have been arbitrarily privileged. How do you navigate the world? And who is the (art)world built for?
Although the physical distance between human bodies has increased out of collective care, we understand our bodies to be more connected now than ever— to one another as well as the larger ecosystems we inhabit. And, in kinship, we bestow the word “body” upon other meaningful sites, as in: bodies of water or bodies of land. How can we share space with more-than-human bodies so that we all can thrive? Where does one body end and another begin?
This issue discusses the ways in which we use our bodies to make artwork, and, more broadly, how we experience the world through, or as a result of, our bodies.
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