The list. January 8, 2021

The List presents the events of the members of the Association des groups en arts visuels francophones ( AGAVF ), that is to say fifteen artist-run centers and galleries across Canada, and compiles calls for submissions in visual arts, media arts, performance, art. public, residences aimed at artists and curators.

Work by Danielle Saulnier presented at the Bernard-Jean de Caraquet Art Gallery


News from AGAVF


Whether the issue affects you personally or not, AGAVF joins CARFAC in encouraging you to sign and share this petition which asks the Government of Canada to allow self-employed workers to use their gross income, before taxes and deductions, to determine their eligibility for ECPs. https://petitions.noscommunes.ca/fr/Petition/Sign/e-3066

Visit the CARFAC website for an update on the procedures on this subject.


Programming of AGAVF members

Blue constellation-Bernard-Jean Gallery (Caraquet)

Danielle Saulnier and Serge V. Richard – Osmosis and Intimate Magic
from November 4, 2020 to January 10, 2021
220, boul. Saint-Pierre West
Caraquet, New Brunswick


Le Trécarré (Pointe-de-l’Eglise)

Nadine Belliveau, Nadine Blinn, Zita Boudreau , Angélina Comeau, Annette Comeau, Denise Comeau, Noella DeMille, Alain Philippe Gérard, Jay LeBlanc, Mona McDonald, Diane Nadon, Isao Sanami-Murrill, Dany Sheehy, Dianne Surette, Jan Swaren, Claude Edwin Theriault – Isolation
until February 2021
Sainte-Anne University, Nova Scotia


Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen Art Gallery (Moncton)

Daniel H. Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc – Habitat
Curator: Jonathan Lamy
Presented as part of the Media Arts Section
of the International Festival of Francophone Cinema in Acadia
from November 6 to December 20, 2020
University of Moncton
Moncton, New Brunswick


Visual Voice Artist Center (Ottawa)

J. Aird-Bélanger, A. Asselin, R. Aubin, M. Barti, J. Bertrand, B. Bogart, C. Boucher, Csaba, R. Chevalier, C. Cooper, L. Daigle, C. Dallaire, M. Des Aulniers, A. Dworzak-Subocz, L. Finet, P. Franzini, C. Gendron, D. Gérin, V. Goddard, O. Golub, F. Ikonomidou, R. Kempen, I. Kobayashi, D. Krasi, D Lamontagne, M. Le Bohec, D. Leclerc, M. Manu, M. Marquez, E. Montenegro, J. Muscat, A. Paquin, M. Périat, O. Petca, Y. Porlier, H. Pouillon, R. Robesco, N. Ross, S. Rossen, S. Swinimer, V. Tytor, G. Vallée, JM Van Hees, P. Walty – Artificial intelligence
in November 2020
67 Beechwood Avenue
Vanier, Ontario


Galerie Sans Nom (Moncton)

Caitlin Wilson – Finding Trees
JD Cool – Untitled
until February 19, 2021
140, rue Botsford, room 16
Moncton, New Brunswick


Le Labo (Toronto)

“Catch-up court” with our 6 members selected at CinéFranco:
Valérie Lecomte – https://bit.ly/courtderattrapageValérieLecomte
Julie Lassonde – https://bit.ly/CourtdeRattrapageJulieL
Nicole Blundell – https://bit.ly/CourtderattrappageNicoleBlundell
Quitterie Hervouet – https://bit.ly/CourtdeRattrapageQuitterie
Jean Marc Larivière – https://bit.ly/CourtdeRattrapageJeanMarc

Conversation with Joseph Bitamba on the film “Petit Pays” by Éric Barbier :

The Lab is once again the CAO exhibition aid recommender.
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Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (Sudbury)

Claude Wittmann – Wheels / politics / panic
Project until June 2021
54 Elgin Street
Sudbury, Ontario




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Calls for submissions


1.Calls in French from Canada


Bang Center – Chicoutimi – February
Langage Plus – Alma – January 31
Association of Abitibi-Témiscamingue Exhibition Centers – January 31
The little views – Culture Trois-Rivières – April 1
TOPO Agency – Montreal – January 10
MUTEK festival – Montreal – January 31
Culture Trois-Rivières – February 1


2.Calls in English from Canada


Harbor Collective – Re / Mirror Experiments – January 20
La Commune – Vancouver – January 22
Eyelevel Gallery – Halifax – January 18
Craft Ontario – Toronto – June 7
Video Outs – Vancouver – February 28
COVER ME – Records, Cassettes & Artists – Vancouver – from November 21
BIPOC Artist Instagram Project – ongoing
AKA Artist-run Center – Saskatoon – ongoing
Southern Alberta Art Gallery – Lethbridge – ongoing


3.international calls


Emergenyc – New York – February 8




Moving Image Lab – Meech Lake – March 24
CQAM / Turbulent Residence – January 15
VU – Quebec – February 1



5.public art

City of Moncton – January 15


6.for commissioners


Société francophone des arts visuels de l’Alberta (SAVA) – Center d’arts visuels de l’Alberta (CAVA) – Job offer – January 18
Eastern Bloc – Festival Sight & Sound – Call for curators – January 15
Middlebrook Prize for Young Canadian Curators – Guelph – January 15
Tenure-Track position in Visual Arts – University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus, Kelowna – January 15
Esse art + opinion – sportification – April 1
Performance Research – On biopolicitcs – January 11
Inter art actual – Quebec – January 15
Assistant professor in creative technologies – York University – January 15
Images Festival 2021 – Guest Program – no fixed deadline
East of your empires – Quebec – ongoing
Esse art + opinion – Dossier (Re) voir la peinture – January 10, 2021
Revue de Paris – call for contributors – in progress



details on agavf.ca

Association of Francophone Visual Arts Groups BP 7131, Vanier Branch
Ottawa Ontario K1L 8E2 Canada