The List presents the events of the members of the Association des groups en arts visuels francophones  ( AGAVF ), that is to say fifteen artist-run centers and galleries across Canada, and compiles calls for submissions in visual arts, media arts, performance, art. public, residences aimed at artists and curators.


News from AGAVF

RESOURCE: The Charter for an accessible, inclusive and equitable culture was co-written by more than 150 people as part of the Lab ‘Culture Inclusive, a project carried out in collaboration with Exeko, the Group of eleven and 60 co-researchers from 9 community organizations that are partners in the process. Discover the charter.

Programming of AGAVF members

SAW Gallery (Ottawa)

recoil performance group  – as i collapse
on Saturday January 23, 2021
67, rue Nicolas
Ottawa, Ontario


Imago Printmaking Workshop (Moncton)

Frédéric Gayer – WW?
January 22 to February 19, 2021
140 Botsford Street, ground floor of the Aberdeen Cultural Center
Moncton, New Brunswick


Blue constellation-Bernard-Jean Gallery (Caraquet)

Suzanne Albert – Vignettes in January and February
from January 13 to February 13, 2021
220, boul. Saint-Pierre Ouest
Caraquet, New Brunswick


Le Trécarré  (Pointe-de-l’Eglise)

Nadine Belliveau, Nadine Blinn, Zita Boudreau , Angélina Comeau, Annette Comeau, Denise Comeau, Noella DeMille, Alain Philippe Gérard, Jay LeBlanc, Mona McDonald, Diane Nadon, Isao Sanami-Murrill, Dany Sheehy, Dianne Surette, Jan Swaren, Claude Edwin Theriault – Isolation
until February 2021
Université Sainte-Anne, Nova Scotia


Visual Voice Artist Center  (Ottawa)

J. Aird-Bélanger, A. Asselin, R. Aubin, M. Barti, J. Bertrand, B. Bogart, C. Boucher, Csaba, R. Chevalier, C. Cooper, L. Daigle, C. Dallaire, M. Des Aulniers, A. Dworzak-Subocz, L. Finet, P. Franzini, C. Gendron, D. Gérin, V. Goddard, O. Golub, F. Ikonomidou, R. Kempen, I. Kobayashi, D. Krasi, D Lamontagne, M. Le Bohec, D. Leclerc, M. Manu, M. Marquez, E. Montenegro, J. Muscat, A. Paquin, M. Périat, O. Petca, Y. Porlier, H. Pouillon, R. Robesco, N. Ross, S. Rossen, S. Swinimer, V. Tytor, G. Vallée, JM Van Hees, P. Walty – Artificial intelligence
since November 2020
67, avenue Beechwood
Vanier, Ontario


Galerie Sans Nom  (Moncton)

Caitlin Wilson – Finding Trees
JD Cool – Untitled
until February 19, 2021
140, rue Botsford, local 16
Moncton, New Brunswick


Le Labo (Toronto)

“Catch-up court” with our 6 members selected at CinéFranco:
Valérie Lecomte –  https://bit.ly/courtderattrapageValérieLecomte
Julie Lassonde –  https://bit.ly/CourtdeRattrapageJulieL
Nicole Blundell –  https://bit.ly/CourtderattrappageNicoleBlundell
Quitterie Hervouet –  https://bit.ly/CourtdeRattrapageQuitterie
Jean Marc Larivière –  https://bit.ly/CourtdeRattrapageJeanMarc

Conversation with Joseph Bitamba on the film “Petit Pays” by Éric Barbier  :

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Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario (Sudbury)

Michael Fernandes – Before and after the electric car
residence at home and on Instagram @beforeandaftertheelectriccar
from January 14 until February 2021

Claude Wittmann – Wheels / politics / panic
Project until June 2021
54 Elgin Street
? Sudbury, Ontario

Calls for submissions


1.Calls in French from Canada


Phénomena Festival – Montreal – March 1
Ada X – Montreal – March 1
Vertical artist center – Laval – April 1
VU – Quebec – February 1
Panache art present – Sept-Iles – February 19
Center Bang – Chicoutimi – February
Langage Plus – Alma – January 31
Association of Abitibi-Témiscamingue exhibition centers – January 31
Les p’tites views – Culture Trois-Rivières – April 1
MUTEK festival – Montreal – January 31
Culture Trois-Rivières – February 1


2.Calls in English from Canada


I am Canadian Content – Toronto – January 28
La Commune – Vancouver – January 22
Craft Ontario – Toronto – June 7
Video Outs – Vancouver – February 28
COVER ME – Records, Cassettes & Artists – Vancouver – from November 21
BIPOC Artist Instagram Project – ongoing
AKA Artist-run Center – Saskatoon – ongoing
Southern Alberta Art Gallery – Lethbridge – ongoing


3.international calls


Performance Crossings – Remote Performance Art – Prague – January 30
COAL Prize – March 1
Emergenyc – New York – February 8




Fondation Fiminco – Romainville – January 21
Cité internationale des Arts – Pariss – February 28
Moving Image Lab – Meech Lake – March 24
VU – Quebec – February 1



5.public art

Mural Art Program – Montreal – March 12
StreetARToronto Partnership Program – January 22
The Rooster of Barcelos Project – Toronto – February 14

6.for commissioners


Contour Biennale – Mechelen, Belgium – February 28
Performance Research – On protest – March 8
¡Viva Villa festival! – Call for applications open to French-speaking curators – January 25
Esse art + opinion – sportification – April 1
Images Festival 2021 – Guest Program – no fixed deadline
East of your empires – Quebec – ongoing
Revue de Paris – call to contributors – ongoing