Exhibition of art plays a major role in the mandate of Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre. We are proud to host a diverse array of contemporary art in our newly renovated gallery spaces in the historic Sunbury Shores building on Water Street.

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre

Sunbury Shores offers Juried Exhibitions as well as Signature Invitational Exhibitions. Both programs are designed to enrich and develop the arts in Charlotte County.

Annually 6-8 Juried Exhibitions are mounted based on the recommendation of a professional jury who review applications for group and solo shows. This program aims to showcase a range of media and assist artists in career building opportunities. This is the main stream for artists and groups interested in exhibiting at Sunbury Shores. The application for this program can be found below with a deadline of October 1st.

Each year, gallery space is reserved for Signature Invitational Exhibitions to offer local practising artists, young emerging artists and critically acclaimed artists a venue to highlight new and challenging  work. This program is developed by the Executive Director and aims to actively engage with current artistic dialogue and represent local talent.

Full details and application form are here.