Rachel Watters: Thanks to a grant from the City of Fredericton, I will be hosting a week-long photography camp for youths with disabilities in Fredericton. The camp, called Camp Youthquake, is open to any youths (ages 12-18) who have disabilities.

Camp will begin Monday, July 30 and go until Friday, August 3 (9am to 4pmdaily). The camp will include (but is not limited to): photography basics; lessons in composition, lighting, and creativity; discussion of photographs taken on previous days; and photo excursions. Previous photography experience or knowledge is not necessary for this camp. All supplies will be provided to youths during the camp, including cameras and lunches. For more information about the camp, visit the website: https://frederictoncamp.wixsite.com/youthquake
There are only 8-10 spots available in this camp, so please apply early: https://frederictoncamp.wixsite.com/youthquake/camp-application-1.

I am also looking for guest instructors/photographers to help teach during the camp. Previous teaching experience is not necessary. If you are interested in being a guest photographer, please fill out an application: https://frederictoncamp.wixsite.com/youthquake/instructor-application