Hello to you all and hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

Join Judy Brittain, the host artist,  Saturday, August 28,  at Hooper Studios Gallery in Hampton from noon to 4.  Thanks for supporting your local artists!

Judy will be demoing her mosaic craft in the downstairs studio. There is a parking lot behind the studio or you can park on the road.
Currently the Gallery features works by;  Sue and Kathy with paintings, prints, and sculptures…. There are some John Hooper sculptures for sale in the near future. “Cronos” is on exhibit now. We have paintings by Fred Harrison, Larry Stewart,  collage/paintings by Toby Graser and fibre art by Sophia Bella. Judy Brittain has a variety of lovely mosaics. Phil Savage has 2 amazing stone sculptures and wood carvings of his “ herd”, bears, hippos, horses and more. Enjoy wood, epoxy art pieces by Andy Merrithew and beautiful photography flower art with Liane Thibodeau and Wendy Langille.

Otherwise we are open by chance or appointment    Sue 650-3333 or Kathy
832-5255 177 Kennebecasis River Road.  Hampton. www.artathooperstudios.com
Hooper Studios Instagram:  #artathooperstudios