The Dieppe Arts and Culture Centre (DACC) invites artists to submit a proposal of original works for the open spaces of the DACC by April 22, 2022. Please note that the works must be wall-mounted – ready to hang.

Those interested in submitting a proposal must include the following documents:

  • Resume
  • Biography
  • 10 images of the works
  • Detailed list of the 10 works (including size, medium and year)

Your application must be sent by email to the attention of Sophie Doucette at directionartistique@centredesartsdieppe.ca

If your application is accepted, in addition to the transport and hanging of your works for which you are responsible, you will also have to ensure the preparation and installation of labels allowing the identification of information specific to each work.

The DACC will take care of registering the sales on site and will retain 15% + HST on the total sales as a commission. The DACC cannot insure the works on display during their exhibition. The exhibition period will be for two months.

The DACC will cover the costs associated with the exhibition, its promotion and the coordination of the opening.

All applications will be evaluated by a jury of peers and the results will be communicated in the spring of 2022. The DACC wishes to thank all the candidates.
For more information, see their website.