Live Bait Theatre Presents: The Social Distancing Short Play Festival (SDDPF) in association with Moncton’s Hubcity Theatre

Live Bait is providing theatre artists with an online playwriting/producing opportunity that will pay writers, actors and directors an honorarium of $200 each to create short plays (maximum 10 to 15 minutes) based on the themes of social distancing and isolation. They will accept applications from anyone who wants to participate and will choose up to 8 playwrights, 8 directors, and 24 actors.

Writers have until June 29 at noon to create a script proposal. Successful applicants will be notified by June 30 at the latest and will have until July 5 at 4:30 pm to write their play. Proposals must include:

  1. Name of writer, contact information (email and phone), and the proposed name of the play.
  2. Number of actors required for the play (there is no cast limit, but plays with smaller numbers of actors are more likely to be accepted).
  3. A brief outline of the story and action of the play and how it relates to the theme of social distancing or isolation. PLEASE NOTE – the play does not have to be about COVID 19 or our current situation, it can be about anything related to social distance or isolation. But it can also be about COVID 19.
  4. Any special technical requirements the play might have (Live Bait suggests you keep it simple).
  5. A brief resume or description of your playwriting experience and a sample of your previous work if you have some.

Directors and Actors have until June 28 to apply to participate in the Festival. On June 29 successful actors and directors will be notified and will be assigned to plays. They will receive the play on July 5 and have until July 15 to rehearse and prepare for the presentation.

  • To apply as an actor or director, please send a resume of your experience and a brief description of your interest in this project.
  • Directors do not need to have technical presentation experience as Live Bait will be there to assist them. Still, they should be comfortable with the idea of using technology and presenting things online.

All participants will have to agree to follow all appropriate social distancing guidelines during the rehearsal and performance of the shows. Performances will be broadcast in a festival format on Facebook live over two evenings, and the SDSPF will be included as a part of Live Bait’s annual New Works Festival (which will also be held online) from July 17 to 19. As noted, Live Bait will provide technical assistance to the artists as needed throughout the project.

Please send any questions or proposals/applications to Live Bait Theatre at info@livebaittheatre.com.