Laura I. Art Gallery was opened and inaugurated by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and the leader of Barking and Dagenham Council Darren Rodwell.

Our gallery has worked with an excess of 500 artists at all levels and supported them in many shapes and forms from offering them the possibility to exhibit and sell their artworks at Laura I. Art Gallery to providing them with guidance through our career development programs that helped them with securing sells, exhibitions, contracts with other organizations and built their creative portfolio, learn how to market their art and build confidence.

Now that we are ready to take on another level of growth, we would like to recruit 15 super talented artists that are ready to sell their art on one of the biggest online art platforms as well a place in an exhibition in centre of London .

We are looking for artists who would like to commit to our partnership for one year and offer us exclusivity in selling their specific artworks. We do not require exclusivity to all of your artworks but only to those we select to sell in our gallery to our clients.

We are keen to build strong relationships with the artists we are working with, as loyalty and friendships are at the base of one of our foundations.

There will be a six-month probation to see if we can work together.

We are looking for artists who have a strong portfolio with at least 5 artworks for sale.

We are looking for artists at the highest quality.

The perfect candidate will have:

  • Authentic style and original artwork
  • At least 5 artworks available for sale
  • You will be using high quality of art materials
  • An artist statements. However, we will be offering you support with writing one if selected.
  • CV with special achievements, awards, exhibitions,residencies,commissions,sells,press,
  • You will be expected to be active on social media.

Your statement should include:
What kind of art is it?
What materials have you used?
What is it about?
Why did you make it? What is the impact you are hoping to create ?
How does it fit into the context of the artworld social and cultural scene as well in history?
What inspired you?

Stages of recruitment:

The process will work on a first come, first served basis, but please remember that applying quickly does not guarantee your place.
If your work fits into our criteria of selection, you will be contacted as soon as we receive your application.

If it doesn’t, don’t worry, you will have the chance to apply again next year when you might have a stronger portfolio

Your submission

​Please send us the following information to laura@lauraigallery.com with “I want to be represented” as an email subject :
10-15 images of available original artwork (no prints)
Artist Statement

If selected as a finalist you will be asked to send high quality pictures of your artworks in situ. However, we could possibly arrange a professional photoshoot of the artworks at a specific location.  

Who can participate?
Mid-career artists and professional artists however emerging artists can participate too if they have a strong and consistent portfolio.

Fees: We want to be transparent and with no hidden fees. There is no fee to apply.
However, there is a small monthly admin fee under £60 if you are selected as a finalist only.

Cannot afford paying the representation fees?
No worries, we have got you covered if you have got our back.

Inspire between TEN and FIVE of your friends artists to apply for our opportunity and if FIVE of your friends gets accepted by our gallery ,you will be represented FREE OF CHARGE 

You will need to stay with us for 6 months and see how the art market will respond to your work. If any of your artwork sells within six months your will be represented free of any charge for another 6 months.
However, the commission will increase as expenses will stay the same.

30% commission on sales online and 50% commission on sales in the gallery or at the exhibition in the centre of London. That’s because we will need to cover high end rent of the space fees, marketing materials and admin work.