B-PART is a public art project that aims to embrace the talent of our younger artists in the Greater Saint John area. Saint John is hosting the Memorial Cup in June. During this national event we want to empower our youth to show our culture, diversity, and love for our city.

Call for young artists. Public art.
We are asking organizations, school, individuals, and teams to submit their artwork to B-PART of Our Art event happening on June 18th.

Things to consider and questions:

Designs can be submitted via digital file. Make sure the image has a good resolution It is important that the jury clearly see your design. You can use the attached template to get a better understanding of space and context (you can make it as big as you need it).

In your 100-word description we want to know about you and your age. This is an opportunity to explain your design and how will empower our youth, culture, diversity, or the heritage of Saint John the first incorporated city of Canada. (We’ll be on the National Stage during the Memorial Cup, and YOUR ART could be too).

Selected works will be giving the wood approx.. 2 x 4ft to paint. Artists are encouraged to use their own art supplies. Please note that acrylic paint is recommended for outdoor installation.

Selected works will be giving time to develop their design at home however the completion of the artwork must be done on June 18th from 11-3PM on Prince William Street. Saint John NB.

Application checklist:

  • Design on digital file
  • 100 words description (name, age, tittle of the work and description)
  • Send material to B-PART@outlook.com
  • Deadline May 9th.

Guidelines: Artists from 12-17 years old will be qualified to apply.

Ten artworks will be selected by an independent professional jury. The selection of the finalists will be based on aesthetics and originality.

Project Budget: The artists selected will be paid $200 for each painting, which will be composed on a piece of wood that will later be installed in the window of an Uptown building. We will provide the wood board. The artwork will remain in place for the duration of the summer.

If you have any questions, please contact art coordinator Fabiola Martinez, fahr@hotmail.ca