The resident artists of Introspect: a Nature Residency have completed their group project, a series of natural frames along a trail in Herring Cove Provincial Park on Campobello Island, New Brunswick.

During Introspect: a Nature Residency in 2022, the five selected artists stayed in the park’s rustic shelters, taking inspiration from the beautiful, picturesque setting from 6th until June 17th, 2022.

The resident artists — Tomo Ingalls, Melissa Kennedy, Leah Wilton, Danielle Smith, and Jesse Mea — in a addition to completing a personal art project, were tasked with envisioning and completing a group project, and the public is now invited to discover and engage with it along a trail in Herring Cove Provincial park.

The resident artists explain the project this way:

“So often, we hurry through life on our way to a destination. We see things along the way, but how many more do we unintentionally overlook? Some are not noticed automatically; they require an effort or intention to observe, and stillness to absorb.”

“We have created a series of frames from found materials and placed them along the Yellow Trail. The frames we put together provide focal points throughout the trail. An opportunity to stop, look, and reflect at scenes that often go unnoticed.”

A video of the installations in situ along the trail in Herring Cove Provincial Park.

“From tiny fungi to a gigantic birch, nature is full of wonders to discover. But what will be revealed is personal to each individual, a reflection of our inner selves influenced by the possibilities provided in our environment.”

“And beware – with longing and time your brain may piece together more frames from your natural surroundings. Your mind is making new connections and viewpoints for you! For you to refocus, re-project, reset. Introspect.”

You can download the brochure, which has a trail map of where to find the installations, below: