Saturday, September 18, 2021, is I’m Buying an NB Book! day. Bookstores, publishers, and literary organizations across New Brunswick have teamed up to launch this initiative which aims to highlight New Brunswick authors and increase sales of their books in local bookstores.

With literature as with food, buying local has a positive impact on the vitality and growth of our community. We invite readers and the literary sector to participate in I’m Buying an NB Book! day in their own way.

All initiatives put forward by individuals or by organizations to promote or to participate in this day are welcomed.

Here are a few ways to participate:

📖 Customize the I’m Buying an NB Book! poster (can be printed here: https://bit.ly/3BHjccj) by adding the address or website of a local bookstore or publisher and place the poster in a public setting (bookstore, library, market, theatre, cultural centre, restaurant, cafĂ©, community centre, university, college, etc.).

 Use the digital poster, tagline, and hashtags (#September18 #myNBbooks #IReadLocal) to promote I’m buying an NB book! day on social media (downloadable digital posters here: https://bit.ly/3BHjccj).

 Share your New Brunswick book suggestions on social media.

 Encourage your friends to participate in I’m Buying an NB Book! day.

 Share a picture or a list of your new books on social media to show how you participated in I’m Buying an NB Book! day.
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