THIRD SHIFT is a free, all-ages annual festival of public contemporary artworks in Saint John, New Brunswick. From August 19th through 22nd, THIRD SHIFT will turn Uptown Saint John into an outdoor contemporary art gallery for four days! You can look forward to visiting over 20 temporary public art installations scattered around the Uptown area as well as a series of small in-person and online art presentations and artist talks.

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HOST: A Virtual Contemporary Art Project

HOST is a borderless project. Part art exhibition and part walking simulator game, it exists entirely online. With animated walls, interactive navigation, and hyperlinked portals, HOST brings together works by eleven contemporary artists who offer glimmers of reciprocity by caring for the places where mutual understanding, appreciation, and hope take root amid the tangle of contemporary issues.

Featuring artwork by: rudi aker, Anna Binta Diallo, Séamus Gallagher, Maggie Higgins, Emily Kennedy, Caroline Monnet, respectfulchild, Lou Sheppard, Rachel M Thornton, Winnie Truong, and KC Wilcox. Curated by Amy Ash. Follow @host_project_ on Instagram

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Shorelines: Climate Concern & Creativity is a collaborative project that promotes an ongoing dialogue between environmental action and artistic practice in New Brunswick. The publication was conceived and realized by two non-profit organizations, the community-based environmental organization, ACAP Saint John, and Third Space Gallery, Saint John’s artist-run centre for contemporary art.

Shorelines focuses geographically on the Saint John area and communities that extend along the Bay of Fundy, including Grand Manan Island and Sackville. Contributors include Patrick Allaby, Amy Ash, Jack Bishop, Bailey Brogan, Katie Buckley, Nathan Cann, Chris Donovan, Sara Griffin, Hailey Guzik, Sarah Jones, Jericho Knopp, Jamylynn McDonald, Christiana Myers, Ben Peterson, Bethany Reinhart, Graeme Stewart-Robertson, Kate Wallace, Laura Watson, and KC Wilcox.

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Member Spotlight: Mary Garoutte

Mary Garoutte is a professional visual artist based in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Born in Mesa, Arizona, Mary has spent most of her artistic career travelling between the US and Canada. She holds her degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (BFA 2004) and is an arts instructor, mentor and active facilitator in art education though the public and private sphere. She has exhibited throughout Canada and internationally, notably at the University of Ulsan in Ulsan, South Korea.

Primarily an oil painter in the Alla Prima tradition, Garoutte attempts to explore vignettes of dreams and regressed memory, framed within the surreal and the mundane. Most of her visual chronicles are extracted from her own dreams; some random and others interconnected to form a psychological and deeply personal narrative framed within a modest surrealist approach to painting. Garoutte’s aim is to create a visual dialogue between her works to serve as an inquiry of the subconscious and the human psyche, as well as explore environments of human isolation where humankind ends and nature begins. Focusing on the elements of personal and societal fears and aspirations, Garoutte creates pieces that are cryptic, and a somewhat autobiographical self-portrait through symbolism, interior spaces, and the use of the interplay of light and darkness.

Garoutte’s work is inspired by 20th century painters as Alex Colville and Edward Hopper, as well as modern and contemporary photography and film – drawing from the work of filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock, Gregory Crewdson, Evelyn Lambart and the dreamlike, surrealist imagery of the 1960’s art films of Sergei Parajanov.

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