(Moncton, NB – August 3rd, 2021) – The DansEncorps Productions team has unveiled on their website the program for the 16th edition of the atlantic dance FESTIVAL danse atlantique to be held August 12th-22nd, 2021 in Moncton, NB. This year’s program includes indoor and outdoor performances, film screenings, walkabout performances and workshops. Artists are gearing up and tickets are now on sale in our website.

Artists from elsewhere

This year, we are pleased to welcome artists of different origins for our shows. Starting with the Emergence contemporaine show, which will feature Ariane Famelart, Chantal Baudouin, Julien Derrradj, and performer Simone Gauthier. These artists come respectively from Quebec, Acadia, and France. Come and discover the new generation of professional dancers who are touring Canada!

Symbolic works

More than just performances, the Festival is an opportunity for artists to deliver a message through their works. In the choreography Femme fatale 2.0, Ariane Famelart wants to show the paradoxes of a woman who tries to be strong but falls, DIE FORELLE by Julien Derradj questions the symbolism of dreams by wanting to give a meaning to his existence, Réalité deshumanisante by Constance Gadan talks about a character torn and trapped in time by the strings of a stressful society. Come and discover their world through their work!

See you in Moncton, NB, from August 12th to 22nd, 2021 for the 16th edition of atlantic dance FESTIVAL!