QuaranZINE Library TagMay 24-28Over the next five days, the Owens Art Gallery’s Teeny Tiny Zine Library will be playing a game of tag with Mount Allison’s Independent Zine Review, as we highlight and share zines from our collections. We’ll be exploring the zine scene in Sackville and various zine themes. Follow us and join in the fun as we pass the conversation back and forth each morning and afternoon.

This series is part of ongoing programming at the Owens to activate our Zine Library. The Teeny Tiny Zine Library collection contains nearly 200 DIY publications bringing attention to stories and voices rarely represented in the mainstream and artists who explore the creative possibilities of the book form.

Due to COVID-19, our Zine Library is currently not available to the public, but it can usually be found in our lobby next to a comfy chair.
Teeny Tiny Zine LibraryThe Owens Art Gallery’s Teeny Tiny Zine Library is an ever-growing collection of zines, artists’ books and multiples, independent comics, and handmade publications. The collection was created to archive and promote the small but mighty form of the zine, with a special focus on Sackville-made zines and the work of Mount Allison Fine Arts students, Sackville artists, and community youth.
Mount Allison Independent Zine ReviewThe MTA Independent Zine Review is a new and growing collection that lives in our little handmade library in the PCCA. What started as a small, personal collection of zines has now become a public resource for students to contribute their own zines or start a collection of their own! We founded our online Instagram archive shortly after to not only document all works that pass through our little library but to share them with zine fans near and far.