We invite our members and the New Brunswick music community to submit applications and suggestions for the 2021 Prix MNB Awards, slated to take place in October. +++ info >

Nous invitons nos membres et la communauté musicale du Nouveau-Brunswick à soumettre des candidatures et des suggestions pour les Prix MNB Awards 2021, prévus pour octobre. +++ info >

Festival (506) is taking place Oct 21-24, in various venues across NB. Festival (506) features 12 EMERGING + DEVELOPING artist showcases. ExportNB is a year-long program aimed at furthering the careers of 6 to 8 EXPORT-READY + EXPORTING artists. // Le Festival (506) se dĂ©roule du 21 au 24 oct, dans diverses salles du NB. Le Festival (506) prĂ©sente 12 vitrines d’artistes EN ÉMERGENCE + EN DÉVELOPPEMENT. ExportNB est un programme qui s’Ă©chelonne sur un an et qui vise Ă  faire progresser les carrières de 6 Ă  8 artistes PRĂŠT.ES Ă€ L’EXPORTATION + QUI EXPORTENT.

MNB is looking for an Export Program Coordinator. The Export Coordinator will work with artists + team to understand their export objectives and to engage with appropriate events and opportunities such as partnered showcases performances. // MNB est Ă  la recherche d’un coordonnateur·trice du programme d’exportation. Le·la coordonnateur·trice travaillera avec les artistes + Ă©quipe afin de comprendre leurs objectifs d’exportation et de dĂ©velopper et poursuivre des opportunitĂ©s appropriĂ©s, tels que des vitrines en partenariat. +++ info >


APR 22 // !Earshot Distro Info Session · Session d’info au sujet de !Earshot Distro
MAY 13 // Marketing Plan 101 · Plan de marketing 101 

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Live Performance |  Professional Development + Business Travel  | Showcase

Activités scéniques |  Développement professionnel + démarchage  | Vitrine 

mid-musicnb.org // dim-musicnb.org

New single from Adyn Townes
Adyn Townes’ new single ‘Better’ (available April 23rd) is not about keeping the door open, but wishing you left yourself a spare key. The track was created from a one-sided conversation and a riff that seemed to write itself. You can find ‘Better’ on Townes’ upcoming EP ‘In Frames 2B’, which is set to be released at the end of May. Listen wherever you stream music! +++ info >

Triple lancement de disques
Après plusieurs reports, c’est finalement le samedi 1er mai 2021 que trois jeunes artistes acadiens, Matt Boudreau, Émilie Landry et Chloé Breault, accompagnés de leurs musiciens, s’installeront sur la scène de la Caserne au Centre des arts et de la culture de Dieppe pour y présenter chacun une partie de leurs nouvelles chansons. +++ info >

Pallmer signs with Cymba Musci
Cymba Music Publishing is proud to announce the signing of Pallmer to their ever growing, eclectic roster. Connecting at the 2020 edition of Music/Musique NB’s Festival 506, the Toronto based global publishing company is currently introducing the duo’s entire catalogue to its worldwide network in support of their entire catalogue. +++ info >

«Bobby Ray» de Track of Rock
Le groupe Track of Rock prépare un nouveau disque, en français, qui devrait voir le jour d’ici l’automne 2021. Pour faire patienter ses fans, le groupe lance pour les radios la chanson Bobby Ray. « C’est l’histoire d’un gars que tout le monde connaît parce qu’il y a un Bobby Ray dans chaque village. On le voit partout, il a toujours une bière à la main et une cigarette à la bouche. C’est le genre de gars qui se mène la vie dure… et qui ne fait pas toujours des choses légales », disent les membres du groupe en riant ! +++ info >

Brockway Biggs releases new single: Gift & Deed
Brockway Biggs (aka Pimp Tea) released a new single “Gift & Deed”.  April is organ donation awareness month and the song shares the story of a friend who spent 7 years on dialysis due to kidney failure. Biggs started the song in 2012 in the hopes of raising awareness and to help his friend find a kidney.  It’s been a long journey as he has struggled with post-concussion syndrome, but is happy to share it. +++ info >

Apryll Aileen Celebrates Atlantic Canada  
Atlantic Canadian alternative pop-rock musician Apryll Aileen is releasing a new track on Friday, April 23rd inspired by her own journey to California and back to New Brunswick. A soulful singer and classically trained pianist, Aileen has played stages from Hollywood, California to London, England. +++ info >

Un Nouveau Monde
Le deuxième simple de l’artiste Pat Robys est disponible maintenant sur tout les plateformes numĂ©riques. Cette chanson est une suite directe Ă  sa première chanson sortie ,”Ma Petite Sirène”. Le style Rock est toujours au rendez-vous! Cette chanson paraitra Ă©galement sur le premier album Ă  venir de Pat d’ici fin 2021! +++ info >

New song and video by We Left as Lions  
Moncton band We Left As Lions has released a new song called “Forget Yourself”, including a video. The video is currently available on Youtube here. The song will be available on streaming platforms officially as of Jun 1, 2021.

Nouvelle Chanson de Flo Durelle  
Flo Durelle lance son Plus RĂ©cent Extrait “Mon Bien AimĂ©”.  Une chanson composĂ©e par Anise Bastarache.  Une chanson d’amour pour la saison des amoureux.  Musique disponible sur toutes plateformes numĂ©riques. +++ info >

Lieutenant Governor’s NBYO Awards
On Tuesday, April 20,2021, Honorary NBYO Patron—Lieutenant Governor Brenda Murphy invited two New Brunswick music makers and mentors to Government House to receive this distinction, Richard Kidd and Barbara Long. The ceremony included tributes to both laureates, along with a performance by the Sistema NB Fredericton Children’s Orchestra, conducted by Centre Director—Victor Vivas. +++ info >

Spectacle au profit du Gala de la chanson de Caraquet
Un spectacle bénéfice virtuel au profit du 52e Gala de la chanson de Caraquet, auquel une vingtaine d’artistes participent, sera présenté au grand public du 30 avril au 7 mai prochain. Afin de soutenir la pérennité du Gala de la chanson de Caraquet, véritable tremplin qui a contribué à l’épanouissement de plus de 600 artistes émergents depuis 1969, une vingtaine d’artistes unissent leurs voix dans le cadre d’un spectacle bénéfice.  +++ info >

Apryll Aileen Celebrates Atlantic Canada with New Song
East Coast Canadian alternative pop-rock musician Apryll Aileen is releasing a new track on Friday, April 23rd that celebrates the natural beauty of Atlantic Canada. A soulful singer and classically trained pianist, Aileen has played stages from Hollywood, California to London, England. Pulling elements from her inspirations together for an anthemic pop sound, “Home” shares the story of the powerful self-realization that often, our life takes us on a journey that leads us back home.  +++ info >

Michael J. Foxx Releases Due Diligence 2
On the just released NEW album Due Diligence 2; Moncton-Based Michael J. Foxx continues to exude the confidence and comfort of a Major Recording Artist.  Michael J. Foxx crossed the border from New York City to begin a new life in Maritime Canada and to say his journey is rising to the occasion of what he considers the sweetest of opportunities, though accurate, understates his immense talents. His greatest gift is capturing the emotions of lyrics through his progressive musical arrangements created at his home studio Just1Mic Recordings. +++ info >

Les Moontunes Album Launch Concert  
Les Moontunes will be releasing their debut album in style on April 20th by streaming a pre-recorded concert for the occasion, complete with hand-drawn animations and video effects! Tune in on Facebook at 8 PM from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll be guaranteed an extra-terrestrial musical experience that you won’t soon forget.  +++ info >

Harry Potter Flies In!
Enjoy the magic of the music that was written for the Harry Potter movies, played by Symphony NB. 

Friday, April 23, 7:30 pm Imperial Theatre 
Saturday, April 24, 7:30 pm The Playhouse 
Sunday, April 25, 2 pm Capitol Theatre

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New Single from Robert Thomas and the session men
Following on the worldwide streaming success of their first single release “Twilight” which has registered over 150K listeners worldwide since January, Robert Thomas and the session men will release a second single “Light of Love” to streaming platforms on Feb 19, 2021. Co-written by MNB members Robert Thomas and Selby Evans, the ballad features a solo by Ray Legere and duet vocal with Lina Boudreau. +++ info >

Songwriters’ CircleSongwriters’ Tour with Colin Fowlie, Kylie Fox + Blaire Nicolle pick up a local artist in each town they perform.

Apr 22 Saint John // Five and Dime w/ Brent Mason
Apr 23 Perth Andover // Oak tree restaurant w/ Aaron Crain
April 30 Marshfield PEI // The Manse w/ Rick Sparkes
May 1 Summerside PEI // Red dirt girl music room w/ Rick Sparkes
May 15 Halifax NS // The carleton w/ Awolk +++ info >

John Adam Ian’s New Release 
Saint John songwriter John Adam Ian’s releases are now available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and various other streaming services. The list include an EP, co-written with singer Jennie Philpott, released under the name “Mary Lied.”  +++ info >

FLOURISH Festival announces 50+ performers Fredericton’s FLOURISH Festival has shared an impressive line-up ahead of its June 10-13 edition, announcing Motherhood, Wolf Castle, Century Egg, Eliza Niemi, LXVNDR, and nearly fifty other artists. Festival performances will encompass music, art, installations, workshops, poetry, and more, in a mix of in-person and digital events.  +++ info >

The Backstays
The newest song on forthcoming album Tributaries (out May 1), “Aquarius” is an example of pandemic-time music making in a band context. “’Aquarius’ started out with just three piano parts and a beat; I knew I could build something with that, but I didn’t really plan for it to be so dystopic,” said The Backstays‘ Pete Johnston (he/him). “This person, or character, is starting to lose their humanity and succumb to pressures caused by something they’re resisting, or fighting against, all while they thought they were just biding their time.” +++ info >

The R10 Venue in Long Creek NB is planning a weekly Summer Club Night, and they are looking for NB-based artists. House, Techno, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Dance music Deejays, look for the Submission page on their website. +++ info >

RE:FLUX 16 Artist Lineup
RE: FLUX is back for its 16th edition! From May 24 to 30, 2021, tune in to the programming – taking place mainly online – and enjoy the festival regardless of your COVID alert phase or colour code or geographical location! With: ANDRÉ CORMIER • EMILY KENNEDY • SARAH PAGÉ • ANNA SCHIMKAT • AMY BRANDON • DARREN COPELAND • JEREMIE JONES and more +++ info >

SSI Soundstage
Sound Specialists Inc.(SSI) is looking to partner with bands to provide an avenue for bands to play together in a safe and social distance manner.  Full audio, video and lighting production is provided to stream live.  For more information or booking availability please contact us on all our social media, click the “Book Today” button on our website or email soundstage@ssiaudio.com +++ info >

Take a tour through the Centre’s current exhibits as if you were here, except you don’t have to wear a mask or go out into the cold. Enter through the West wing of the building and stroll through Ysabelle Vautour’s exhibit in the Penny Gallery. Next, make your way one-directionally through the Glencross Gallery to Diane Davis’s exhibit on the landing / the East Wing stairwell, and over to Kaitlin Hoyt’s exhibit in the West Wing stairwell and lobby.  +++ info >

22 MAI // Sous la direction artistique de Kevin McIntyre, vous ĂŞtes invitĂ©s Ă  un spectacle en personne qui connectera le public des salles la mĂŞme soirĂ©e. Vous aurez accès Ă  des artistes en personne et vous verrez en direct sur Ă©cran gĂ©ant les artistes ainsi que le public des autres salles tout au long de la soirĂ©e. Avec Danny Boudreau, Jacques et Josiane Comeau, et Menoncle Jason et P’tit Belliveau. +++ info >

Apr 22 // Rock’n’roll Bingo
Apr 23+24 // Wicked Vices
Apr 30 // Delirious Monks with The Stonemasons
May 1 // Queens & Queers Benefit Drag Show+++ info >

Apr 23 // The Motorleague with Kill Chicago at The Capitol Theatre
Apr 25 // Harry Potter Flies In with Symphony NB
May 1 // Thane Dunn’s ELVIS GREATEST HIT’S
May 1 // Playing with Fire
May 15 // Jacques Surette (Coup de coeur francophone)
May 22 // Spectacle Interconnecté
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Le Centre des arts d’Edmundston, situé dans une ancienne église au cœur du centre-ville, est un espace dédié à la création et à la diffusion des arts. Le Centre offre une programmation artistique variée, de qualité, par l’entremise de spectacles, d’ateliers de création et de formation et d’expositions. Véritable carrefour de créativité, c’est ici que les artistes et le public se rencontrent pour explorer diverses formes d’art. Il est un espace de découverte où la créativité bouillonne. +++ info >

Le Centre culturel de Caraquet offre gratuitement des locaux insonorisés pour les artistes et enseignant(e)s en musique et chant. 125 pieds carrés par local, un piano droit dans chaque local et autres instruments de musique disponibles sur demande. Pour réservations: 506.726.5001  +++ info >

Submissions open next Monday April 19th and close on May 3rd. Artists enter the contest by uploading a song to YouTube and filling out our new easy-to-use entry form on our website. Each entry will be judged on audio only, and should be an original song, in any genre.  The contest is open to all emerging artists, signed or unsigned, as long as they comply with the Rules and Regulations (pdf).

Contact East 2021
If you haven’t already heard: Contact East 2021 will take place in Moncton, New Brunswick from Thursday, September 23rd to Saturday, September 25th. Artists submissions are NOW LIVE!

Thinking about applying to showcase at Contact East? Join us at our “Do I want to Showcase” panel discussion on Thursday, April 22 at 12pm AST for tons of tips to create a successful submission. +++ info >

The May 1st deadline for the Career development Program is coming up! Please note: since May 1st falls on a Saturday, you have until Monday May 3rd to submit your application. // La date limite du 1er mai pour le programme de Développement de carrière s’en vient vite! Veuillez noter : puisque la date limite du 1er mai tombe un samedi, vous avez jusqu’à lundi le 3 mai, pour déposer votre demande. +++ info >

FACTOR, The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings, today announces the additions of internationally renowned Canadian artist/advocate Tegan Quin and successful artist manager and entrepreneur Chris Smith to its Board of Directors. The announcement was jointly made by FACTOR President and CEO, Meg Symsyk, and Board Chair Steve Parsons.+++ info >

Lancé officiellement le 10 mars dernier, le Soutien aux événements de musique devant public (ou le SEP, pour faire plus simple!) vise à appuyer la présentation d’événements musicaux sécuritaires dans le contexte actuel, tels les spectacles, les vitrines et les tournées d’artistes canadiens, devant un public en présentiel comme en virtuel. La nouvelle initiative est dotée d’une enveloppe de 6 M$ et veut stimuler l’emploi d’artistes, de musiciens, de techniciens et autres travailleurs et fournisseurs de services canadiens du secteur musical.