MAR 11 // Are you a new or emerging artist? Need money to help record a professional single or EP, or take professional photos for your website? This is the info session for you!  // Vous êtes un artiste émergent? Vous avez besoin d’argent pour enregistrer un single ou un EP professionnel, ou pour prendre des photos professionnelles pour votre site web? Cette séance d’information est faite pour vous! +++ info >

The East Coast Music Association (ECMA) announced its 2021 Award nominees. Congrats to all the nominees, with a special high-five to the New Brunswick nominees! L’Association de la musique de la côte Est (ECMA) a annoncé les finalistes pour les Prix de la musique de la côte Est 2021. Bravos aux nominé.es, et tout spécialement aux nominé.es du Nouveau Brunswick!  +++ info >

This component aims to investment for the production of #NB sound recordings
Maximum investment: $ 6,000 per fiscal year
Next deadline: March 15, 2021 | 6 PM AST

Ce volet vise à fournir de l’investissement pour la production d’enregistrements sonores au #NB
Investissement maximal : 6 000 $ par année fiscale
Prochaine date limite : 15 mars 2021 | 18H HNA
mid-musicnb.org // dim-musicnb.org


The Canadian Live Music Association launches #ForTheLoveOfLive and is asking fans, industry and all those who miss live music to share their memories and support their friends who make up this industry. // L’Association canadienne de musique sur scène lance la campagne #PourLAmourDeLaScene. Les fans, les membres de l’industrie et tous ceux qui s’ennuient d’aller à des concerts, sont invité à partager leurs souvenirs sur les médias sociaux, en utilisant le mot clic officiel. +++ info >

New Saint John arts & music podcast 
— Tin Can Chronicles, a music and arts podcast that promotes New Brunswick artists, musicians, events, and arts workers, will be released on March 2nd at www.tincanchronicles.ca and will be available through all major podcast platforms. Tin Can Chronicles offers an insightful perspective on the music industry and the arts sector more broadly. +++ info >

Ouvrez les aboiteaux, interprétée par Troiselle
Troiselle, avec son album Filles du vent, a voulu rendre hommage à certaines des chansons qu’elles aiment présenter en spectacles. Ouvrez les aboiteaux étaient une de celles qui les touchent tout particulièrement et qui leur fait grand plaisir d’interpréter. +++ info >

Becka deHaan Releases 3rd Full length Album
Becka deHaan is pleased to announce the long-awaited release of her new Second Coming Themed Album, “Calming Trust and Coming King.” This is the 3rd album from the Fredericton-based singer, who is also its producer along with Tim Davidson, of REM Studios in Saint John. Once again, the talents of Becka deHaan do not disappoint in her newest release, Calming Trust & Coming King! This soulful album depicts our shared humanity through the musings and carefully crafted word wielding that Becka is uniquely known for. +++ info >

SADIE – Streaming Live from the Imperial Stage
Saturday, March 13 – 7:30 to 8:45pm
digital tickets: $20
Sadie is a bottle-rocket of an artist from Saint John, New Brunswick. Since playing with Saint John-based bands NVN, Regardless, Bad People, and Subtle, Sadie has recently emerged as a powerful folk-rock grunge/dream pop solo act. Sadie has performed at POP Montreal, Shivering Songs, Quality Block Party, Evolve, and E2L Jam. She released her debut single, “Popcorn”, in November, 2020 through Saint John’s Monopolized Records. +++ info >

Roots, the second full-length album from woodwind quintet Ventus Machina, is now out. Reflecting what has become the strong artistic voice of Ventus Machina, the music has been chosen by the ensemble to represent both their musical heritage and current musical influences. The track list includes eleven arrangements by Ventus Machina’s clarinetist James Kalyn, among them Canadian folk hits by Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchel and Gordon Lightfoot, upbeat tunes by local bluegrass legend Ray Legere, and traditional songs. +++ info >

Dan Arsenault’s debut album
Dan presents us this instrumentally crafted progressive rock style opus: Éminence. Expanding on articulated melodies, meticulously shaped tones & mystic rhythms for tailoring the album vibe, it’s guitar mastering at it’s finest! Dan is an independent, auto-produced NB artist. With influences like Rush, Pink Floyd & Plini his unique musical character flourished beautifully.  ‘’His melodies feel purposeful’’ Jason Spencer, The Prog Mind. ‘  +++ info >

Ross Cola Full Length Debut Solo Album
There is nothing pretentious about Moncton NB based Ross Cola. In a world where celebrities are moulded as media darlings, Cola brings to the table a refreshing ‘Blue Collar’ energy with a harmless no-nonsense DIY attitude that tells it as he sees it. Anyone who actually believes ‘Rock Is Dead’ needs to top up with the 8-no-holds-barred songs on this solo debut album  +++ info >


The Dark and mucky sound of Mombius Hibachi is back with a new music video for the song “Phantom Halo”.  +++ info >

Myles From Home Podcast
Having this show is a dream for me. For years I’ve thought about how much I’d like to have a long form conversational podcast about the emotional and spiritual sides of being an artist. These are the kinds of conversations that I’ve had with artist friends over the years that I always wished I had recorded. This podcast gives me the chance to go there. // Episode 1 Reeny Smith // Episode 2 Matt Mays // Episode 3 Jeremy Dutcher +++ info >

Uniquely talented for success Kelsey Albert kicks-off 2021 with strongest single yet! The New Brunswick dynamo is taking strides to ensure 2021 is one to remember. First up for the ever diverse Entertainer and Recording Artist is the NEW Single ‘Look For Me’; Available at all streaming platforms. Kelsey Albert has a proven track record in multiple genres, a quality that serves her well on the NEW song, ‘Look For Me’. +++ info >

Sunnyside Uppers’ New Single “NOBODY GETS ME”
The Uppers are back once again to shine some light into the darkness. Released Valentine’s Day but just as effective on the other 364, “NOBODY GETS ME” is three minutes of starry-eyed heartbreak wrapped in shimmering guitars and crashing drums. It’s about the death of an idea of a projection of a person who’s going to make us whole. What could be more romantic? Available on Bandcamp now and streaming services as they catch up. +++ info >

Elevation out March 5th
Fredericton producer Bridge’s newest single “Elevation” will be released on March 5th on all major streaming platforms. Jesse Hitzroth, better known by his stage name “Bridges” is a Canadian electronic music producer and DJ. Currently residing in New Brunswick, Canada. Bridges is about bringing people together through music. Often using melodic and progressive ingredients to slowly build tracks to a cinematic climax.  +++ info >

SSI Soundstage    
Sound Specialists Inc.(SSI) is looking to partner with bands to provide an avenue for bands to play together in a safe and social distance manner.  Full audio, video and lighting production is provided to stream live.  For more information or booking availability please contact us on all our social media, click the “Book Today” button on our website or email soundstage@ssiaudio.com +++ info >

UNB Music Workshops   
The UNB Conservatory is hosting online workshops. Enjoy learning virtually guided by expert instructors from the comfort of your home. Topics include: 
Jazz Theory
Music Production
Movement for Musicians
Performance Anxiety 
+++ info >

Take a tour through the Centre’s current exhibits as if you were here, except you don’t have to wear a mask or go out into the cold. Enter through the West wing of the building and stroll through Ysabelle Vautour’s exhibit in the Penny Gallery. Next, make your way one-directionally through the Glencross Gallery to Diane Davis’s exhibit on the landing / the East Wing stairwell, and over to Kaitlin Hoyt’s exhibit in the West Wing stairwell and lobby.  +++ info >


Consultez la programmation et les événements à venir sur le site du Monument-Lefebvre.

+++ info >

Wondering how you can continue to support The Cap during these uncertain times? We’re still happily accepting new #KEEPITLIVE Membership! There are 3, 6, and 12 month options available and they come with sweet perks, including 10% off on all orders online and at The Cap.
Check out the full list of perks and sign up here: +++ info >

The Legendary Downchild Blues Band postpones its Spring tour. The new Moncton concert date is confirmed for November 7th, 2021. Original tickets will be honored.
Le groupe légendaire Downchild Blues Band reporte sa tournée de spectacles. La nouvelle date pour le concert de Moncton est confirmée pour le 7 novembre 2021. Gardez vos billets!. +++ info >


Le Centre des arts d’Edmundston ouvre ses portes au public! La programmation détaillée du congé de mars et la programmation hiver-printemps 2021 se trouvent ici : https://artsedmundston.ca/fr/ateliers-dart/ Téléphonez dès maintenant au 739-2127 pour vous inscrire!

Black Arts in NB – les Arts Noirs au NB 
Watch a  conversation, with some of New Brunswick’s Black Artists, on the topic of “Success and Challenges of Being a Black Artist in New Brunswick”. On the panel: Gary Weekes, Fredericton-based photographer and Vice Chair of NBBAA. Thandiwe McCarthy, spoken-word poet and Chair of NBBAA, and Saa Andrew, Chief Creative Officer at Battle of the Arts NB and a founding member of NBBAA. +++ info >

Inspiring Women of NB
On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, the Honourable Brenda Murphy, Lieutenant governor of New Brunswick, and Nadine Duguay-Lemay, CEO of Dialogue NB, invite you to a virtual coffee meeting with 8 extraordinary women who work every day for a New-Brunswick where every resident feels heard, valued and that they belong. +++ info >

Sensibilisation aux réalités artistiques autochtones 
Ces formations ont comme objectif de favoriser la création de ponts entre Autochtones et Allochtones. Les échanges et discussions dirigés permettront de mieux cerner les différents défis et enjeux contemporains et plus particulièrement dans le milieu artistique. Les participant.e.s pourront mettre en lien des éléments de l’histoire autochtone avec leur façon d’interagir avec les membres issus de ces communautés. +++ info >

#inspiredbyNB #inspireparleNB
THC is launching a campaign that celebrates our cultural industries—notably art, music, literature, craft, and performing arts— and encourages New Brunswickers to show their support. Visit inspiredbyNB.ca and check out the work of our artists and creators and make a purchase. // TPC lance une campagne qui célèbre nos industries culturelles – notamment l’art, la musique, la littérature, l’artisanat et les arts de la scène – et encourage les Néo-Brunswickois à manifester leur soutien. Visitez le site inspireparleNB.ca. Découvrez le travail de nos artistes et créateurs et faites un achat.

Canada’s Music Incubator 2021 

This is the final week of applications for the virtual Artist Manager program beginning in May 2021. The application deadline is Monday March 8th. Artist Manager helps emerging managers, self-managed artists and transitioning industry professionals develop career building skills, insights and networks. +++ info >

The Career Development, Creation and Documentation Programs deadlines are coming up soon! Mark your calendars:  April 1st is the deadline to apply. // Les dates limites des programmes de Développement de carrière, de Création et de Documentation s’en viennent à grand pas! Inscrivez les dates à votre calendrier: le 1er avril est la date limite pour y appliquer. +++ info >

The Annual Profile Review deadline is coming up on February 26, 2021. This is an important deadline for artists and music company applicants looking to maintain or increase their rating.

Clients need to log in to portal.factor.ca and verify that the information provided in their applicant and artist profiles is accurate and up-to-date.

Following the review, artist ratings and company ratings can go up or down. New ratings go into effect on April 1, 2021.+++ info >