New Saint John arts & music podcast to be released on March 2nd

SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK— Tin Can Chronicles, a music and arts podcast that promotes New Brunswick artists, musicians, events, and arts workers, will be released on March 2nd at www.tincanchronicles.ca and will be available through all major podcast platforms. Tin Can Chronicles offers an insightful perspective on the music industry and the arts sector more broadly. Each episode features five original recordings from the region, including “locals covering locals” featuring some of Saint John’s most beloved artists covering the songs that mean the most to them, as well as special guests, interviews, and commentary by co-hosts Peter Rowan and Neil Bonner.

The first episode of the podcast will feature David R. Elliott covering local legend Adam Mowery, plus Sadie covering Saint John’s loudest and finest, Little You Little Me. More exciting Locals Covering Locals news will be announced in the weeks to come.

“As we enter year 2 of the pandemic, the hunger for a shared experience of music is stronger than ever,” says co-host Neil Bonner, “since we can’t see concerts with one another, Tin Can Chronicles aims to bring together music fans from across the Maritimes”.

You can listen to Tin Can Chronicles as of March 2nd at www.tincanchronicles.ca and it will available on all major podcast platforms in the following days.

tincanchronicles.ca twitter.com/TinCanPod



Contact: Peter Rowan peter@perambulator.ca