The Remix Collective is comprised of five Canadian artists from different backgrounds and life experiences: Norman Barney (Petrolia, Ontario), Claude Bolduc (Montreal, Quebec), Karine Giboulo (Montreal, Quebec), Terry Graff (Island View, New Brunswick), and Laurie Langford (Chatham, Ontario). Characterized by a directness of expression in a variety of media, their provocative ‘Singular Art’ is outside of the Canadian mainstream. They employ humour and satire to navigate challenging statements about society, politics, history, and the human condition.

As an American living in Canada, and a member of a very politically engaged family, Norman Barney’s practice is critical of American culture and politics, as well as the fraught relationship America has with violence.

Sexuality, mythology and criticism are key elements of Claude Bolduc’s drawings and paintings. Zoomorphic and anthropomorphic metamorphizations are present in his works exemplified by his series “The Tarot of Jézabel and Merlin (A Story of Love)”.

Karine Giboulo creates thought-provoking dioramas with highly elaborate constructions of toy-like settings with miniature figurines and houses. These assemblages turn doll play into a subversive nightmare and give focus to critical global issues.

The haunting figure of the bird, often depicted in a mutated form, is the leitmotif of Terry Graff’s art. His work deals with subjects such as real-life horrors in the world: war, environmental degradation, and more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laurie Langford employs subversive humour in her mixed media works to comment on the conventions of sexuality, domesticity, family, history and the body in order to stimulate debate on contemporary gender expectations.

Since 1976, Galerie Colline has been committed to exhibiting and encouraging excellence in contemporary art practices. We are proud to present this virtual exhibition of five contemporary artists whose works incite us to look critically at our current realities.