The St. Andrews Art Council is pleased to announce the winner of its inaugural Atlantic Canada Composers Orchestral Competition, composer Michael R. Miller of Fredericton.

Miler’s winning musical composition, Getting With Five, will be premiered at the St. Andrews Gala Festival Concert August 6, 2016, 7:30 pm, Sir James Dunn Academy in St. Andrews.

“As music lovers we are all much more familiar with four, two, and three beats per measure,:” says Miller, “But two well-known examples of quintuple meter are the second movement of Tchaikovsky’s  Symphony No. 6 and Dave Brubeck’s Take Five.

“Although I am a composer of concert music in contemporary style, I do like to communicate with an audience by using some basic rhythm, melody and key centres – but my chords are somewhat unconventional.”


Read the full article and a more extensive bio on Micheal R. Miller written by the St. Andrews Art Council, click here: MichaelRMillerCompositionWinner. And be sure to attend the St. Andrews Gala Festival Concert!