Arts education to be ameliorated across province 

Anglophone arts sector organization ArtsLink NB releases report on the status of arts education in New Brunswick and recommendations for improvement to match success of Francophone system. 

SAINT JOHN, N.B. MARCH 6, 2019 – ArtsLink NB has commissioned a review of the current state of K-12 arts education in the province. Presented to and supported by the Ministers of Education, and Tourism, Heritage, and Culture, the report is the first phase of an extensive advocacy campaign for expanding arts education in New Brunswick schools. Phase two includes a pilot project to increase students’ exposure and accessibility to the cultural sector by facilitating field trips for classes to see the behind-the-scenes and career opportunities of theatres across the province. 

This project builds on recommendations from David Campbell’s report, Sustaining New Brunswick’s Arts and Culture Workforce, as well as the province’s cultural policy, Creative Futures, and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s 10-year education plan, Everyone at their Best. Recommendations presented in ArtsLink NB’s report are meticulously crafted based on feedback gathered by surveying educators, parents, and the general public on the current state of arts education in New Brunswick schools, and were recommended founded on their realistic viability. This report is intended to contribute to a broader province-wide dialogue on enhancing arts education in the K-12 system.

Available in both print and online publication CREATING A COMMON VISION: Issues and recommendations for K-12 arts education in New Brunswick, is meant to propel our province’s students towards a successful future. “Arts education develops skills such as critical and divergent thinking, analytical ability, risk-taking, resilience, empathy, problem-solving, and communication”, states Project Chair, professor, and Head of Fine Arts Department at Mount Allison University, Erik Edson, “These skills will best position students entering any occupation to innovate and thrive in an unpredictable, rapidly changing economy.” 

Ensuring that arts education is integral to K – 12 schools and not merely an add-on would be beneficial not only in helping children reach their full potential, but also the potential of New Brunswick’s thriving arts and culture community.  



ArtsLink NB is a member-based arts service organization, founded in 2009 to advance the arts in New Brunswick by linking and unifying artists and arts organizations and promoting their value. We represent artists of all disciplines, from all parts of New Brunswick.

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