Oct. 5, 2018

To all elected officials,

In these unusual times of political precariousness, we urge you all to embrace the bilingual heritage that distinguishes our province. Indeed, the plurality of New Brunswick society – Indigenous, francophone, anglophone, Acadian, and immigrant populations from around the world – is one of our greatest riches.

Language gives voice to expression. As New Brunswick’s anglophone professional artists’s association, ArtsLink NB is steeped in expression of all stripes. We celebrate the variety of perspectives brought forward by our membership and thrive on the exchange with our francophone and Indigenous colleagues.

Collaboration with our peer organization — the Association acadienne des artistes professionel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick — has assured broader understanding and an enriched dialogue. Our exchange is liberal, frequent, and happens in both English and French. No compromise.

ArtsLink NB champions the bilingual framework of our province. It exemplifies a level of equality, recognition, respect, and tolerance that we aspire to in all aspects of New Brunswick society. We entrust that framework to you: to celebrate, to maintain, to protect.


ArtsLink NB



ArtsLink NB

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